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40+ Monday Morning Inspirational Quotes for Teachers to Start the New Week.

by Skylar Wishes

A teacher devotes a considerable amount of time each week to educating their students. However, on Monday mornings, they need a little extra boost to get going. If you are someone who works with teachers, you can share a little of that inspiration with them by sending them a few of these great monday morning motivation quotes for teachers. These motivational quotes for teachers will help them get going and give them the boost they need to do a good job.

40+ Monday Morning Inspirational Quotes for Teachers to Start the New Week.
40+ Monday Morning Inspirational Quotes for Teachers to Start the New Week.

Here are some inspirational quotes that can help teachers start the new week on a positive note. We have carefully selected some of the best motivational quotes for teachers. Here they are:

Monday Morning Inspirational Quotes for Teachers

Monday Morning Inspirational Quotes for Teachers
Monday Morning Inspirational Quotes for Teachers

Don’t wait for tomorrow. Make today count. –Unknown

Children need discipline, not love. They don’t need our hugs, they need our time and attention. — Unknown

Motivation is the fuel which enables us to accomplish our goals and overcome our obstacles. It is what gets us going and keeps us going. It is what inspires us to keep on keeping on.

You can’t teach geometry by looking at it. You must also look at how it makes people feel about themselves and others.

I am not a teacher; I am a facilitator.

You cannot teach a man anything; you can only help him find it within himself.

Great teachers make learning fun. Great learning is never boring.

Teachers are made, not born.

Teachers are generally considered to be among the most influential people in a child’s life. After all, who gets to influence a kid for a long period of time more than a teacher?

Teachers are a special breed…they don’t just teach your child, they teach him who he is. 

If someone asks you why you are so wise, tell them because your eyes are always open and your heart is always in love with the world. 

Teachers are a special breed… They don’t expect you to know everything and they don’t insist you get it right the first time. No. What they expect is you will try, that you will struggle, that you will ask questions and eventually, you will figure it out on your own. That is the essence of teaching and learning.

Teachers are not stars. They are, however, often lonely people who have a passion for their subject and an almost religious zeal for their students. 

The most important job a teacher has is to stimulate the minds of his students. 

Teachers are, by and large, ignored by the public. This is unfortunate because they are among the most effective communicators of our culture.

Teachers are not only responsible for molding the minds of the children in their care, they are also responsible for molding the minds of the adults who will become the parents of those children. 

I will do what I can to live the life of a teacher, but if I ever find myself in the classroom, my heart will go out to the student.

A teacher is a person who points out that the road ahead of us is long and difficult, but it is the only road we have.

A teacher should be a good man, a man who believes in his students and will sacrifice anything for them.

Teachers are often the only ones who can reach the kids in our society. They are there for us at our worst, and yet we always know they will be there for us when we are at our best.

Inspirational Quotes for Teachers by Famous People

Inspirational Quotes for Teachers by Famous People
Inspirational Quotes for Teachers by Famous People

“Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going.” –Jim Rohn

“It is better to have tried and failed than never to have tried at all.” –Maya Angelou

A teacher’s job is to teach the subject—not the test. – David M. Kennedy

“Teachers are the beacons of the future. In every classroom, in every school, in every community across our nation, we need to keep our eyes on these young people and give them everything they need to succeed.” — President Obama

“I wish all teachers would spend more time with their students and less with their egos!” — John Holt

“The greatest reward for a teacher is the smile of appreciation from the student.” — Maria Montessori

“The teacher is not so much a servant as a servant-leader. He or she provides the leadership, sets the example, and inspires and challenges the students.” — Tony Hsieh

“A teacher is not someone who has a degree in education; he is someone who has a degree in education and is willing to use it.” – John Holt

“A teacher is like a candle in the dark. He is there to illuminate the path of learning.” — Robert Frost

Math isn’t hard. If you can count, you already know how to do math. What’s hard is failing to count. – John Taylor Gatto

“Math makes you think, but it doesn’t make you feel.” — John Holt

“I have come to the conclusion math is really just another word for ‘humanity’ taught in a different form.” — Albert Einstein

The first essential to a good education is to get the child’s full attention. The second is to maintain that attention once you have it. – David A. Hamburg

A teacher should be an avid reader. There is no substitute for the wisdom of experience. – Robert Collier

The only thing I teach my students is how to teach other students. – Maria Montessori

“I don’t want to know what you know. I want to know what you understand.” – Bill Clinton

“Teaching is a thankless job. Most people don’t appreciate what you do until it is too late.” — John Carlton

“If you don’t have time to read, you don’t have time to live.” – Leonard Cohen

“I believe a teacher’s influence on a child is limited by the extent to which a child’s natural curiosity is satisfied.” – Maria Montessori

If you are a teacher, you must constantly be on the alert for new ways to arouse your students’ interest and keep it alive. – David A. Hamburg

To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Wrapping it up:

Teachers are some of the most inspiring people on this planet. They dedicate their entire lives to helping children achieve their full potential. Teachers have an incredibly tough job. They have to deal with unruly students, parents who don’t understand the challenges of teaching and are quick to blame the teacher for their child’s poor performance, and school administrators who have zero vision for the school and zero interest in actually improving student achievement. On top of that, they have to deal with all sorts of crazy, unrealistic, and unfair requirements from the state and federal governments.

But, despite all that, there are still many truly wonderful and caring teachers out there. So, to honor the teachers who have made an impact in your life, you should express your gratitude with these unique monday morning inspirational messages for teachers. These messages will uplift your teacher’s spirits, helping them see the importance of their work in a new light. Some of these can be used as individual quotes, while some can be used in a series of posts, and others can be used as a jumping-off point for a creative writing. Feel free to tweak and change these around to suit your needs. They were all selected for their effectiveness at giving teachers an extra boost of energy and enthusiasm for the challenges of the coming week. Hopefully, after reading these, you would have found some monday morning inspirational messages to share with your teacher or posted on the walls of the classroom, given out as motivational quotes, or used as daily prayers for the teachers and to continue their noble work.

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