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65+ Happy Engagement Anniversary Wishes for Couples

by Skylar Wishes

Engagement Anniversary Wishes: Are you searching for the best engagement anniversary wishes for couples online? If yes, you’ve found the perfect web page after doing an extensive web search. On this blog post, we have featured few splendid collections of engagement anniversary cards to fiances, along with engagement messages, captions, statuses, images, rings, and more. Each of these can be freely shared online via any social media websites like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

Engagement is the period between being engaged and getting married. A brief time period between the new couple would be ideal for exchanging ideas, discussing differences, and doing everything they can to strengthen their relationship and build trust.

65+ Happy Engagement Anniversary Wishes for Couples
65+ Happy Engagement Anniversary Wishes for Couples

One’s engagement day marks the beginning of a new chapter in their lives. Essentially, it is a promise made with their fiancées. On this special eve, the couple exchange rings to be husband and wife for life. Therefore, they cannot deny celebrating this noteworthy event in their lives.

To add some color to your engagement anniversary, here we have compiled an excellent post around engagement anniversary wishes for couples. Please continue reading to see them all.

First Engagement Anniversary Wishes to Wife

Engagement Anniversary Wishes For Wife
Engagement Anniversary Wishes For Wife

Nothing will be a problem, as long as you are by my side. Happy engagement anniversary to my future wife.

Not only are we exchanging engagement rings with each other, but we are also exchanging hopes, assurances, and hearts as well.

Love you, sweetheart, and I’m so excited to marry you. Wishing us the best for our engagement.

I have loved you without ever knowing how, when or where I started to love you. Still love you with all my heart, with no pride or complexities; I will love you forever, simply because I can’t imagine living any other way. Happy 1st engagement anniversary, my love.

One year ago, we hadn’t only exchanged rings, but also promises to begin our future together. On this day a year ago, I asked this beautiful girl to be my wife. I feel truly blessed to have her by my side. Happy engagement anniversary, Sweetie! The countdown is on!

Happy engagement anniversary! Together, you make a great pair. Wishing you many more years of happiness together.

On this auspicious anniversary of your engagement, I pray to God to give you both everlasting happiness together. Wishing you a happy engagement anniversary.

Like all planets, I revolve around you. As my sun, you were my light in the darkest hour. I love you with all my heart. May we continue to enjoy good fortune. Happy one-year engagement anniversary, sweetheart!

I am the happiest, most fortunate, and blessed person in the world because of you. Happy first engagement anniversary to my soul mate.

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Engagement Anniversary Wishes to Husband First

 Engagement Anniversary Wishes For Husband
Engagement Anniversary Wishes For Husband

Happy Engagement Anniversary to me and my fiancee! One more reason to thank God for blessing me with an amazing partner like you.

Happy Engagement Anniversary, sweetheart! Your promise that day was a bond of trust, respect, and unconditional love. I am grateful for staying true to your promise.

It’s hard to believe that today marks one year since the day you put a beautiful ring on my finger – forever tying us together. Wishing you the happiest of engagement anniversaries!

Happy Engagement Anniversary to you, my love! Being engaged to you was certainly one of the most exciting times of my life. May God bless us with a lifetime of happy memories!

Happy engagement anniversary, my love. On this day, years ago, my life was changed forever. Since then, every day is a beautiful one for me. I adore you, sweetheart.

Getting engaged to you was one of the best decisions of my life. It is a pleasure to be with you. Happy engagement anniversary.

Having a husband like YOU is truly a blessing from the heaven. I am glad that you chose me to be your wife. Happy engagement anniversary, baby!

Baby, your love makes me the happiest woman on earth. Wishing you a happy engagement anniversary. May God’s blessings be upon our love and relationship.

I have never felt so good in my life as I did after meeting you, sweetie. I am complete because of you. Happy engagement anniversary. My entire existence is devoted to you.

That’s how blessed I am, I got engaged to you, my fiance. Happy anniversary to our engagement and our long-lasting relationship.

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Engagement Anniversary Wishes to Couples

Engagement Anniversary Wishes To Couples
Engagement Anniversary Wishes To Couples

Looking back over all the memories in our lives, I realize that no photo frame can possibly house all the beautiful memories and times we spent together. Happy Engagement Anniversary!!!

On this day one year ago, this handsome man proposed to me on one knee! My answer to your question is still so exciting to me! You’re the best, baby! It’s a new day with you every day, which I love, and I cannot wait to be your WIFE. Happy engagement anniversary baby!

Happy engagement anniversary to the happy couple. It’s great to see you two happy together. May God bless you both.

Neither of you can exist without the other. May you be happy and healthy at all times. Best wishes! Happy Engagement anniversary.

You reflect when you’re alone. Afterward, you overthink, you overthink, and then you regret. As a result, you become depressed! No worries, just stay with people who will make you smile and happy. Happy first engagement anniversary, couple!

Congratulations on your first engagement anniversary! Here’s wishing you both an exciting future with fun, laughter, and prosperity.

Cheers to your engagement anniversary. May God bless you both and protect your love for one another forever. Take care and have a nice day!

My God, I can’t believe that you are still tolerating each other, Just kidding. With all due respect, congratulations on your engagement anniversary happy couple. May your love for one another grow with time.

Continually be supportive for each other. Wishing you a happy engagement anniversary and good luck with your marriage.

God’s amazing gift to you is getting engaged to the love of your life! Congratulations on your engagement anniversary! Wishing you two an amazing journey ahead!

Best wishes on your engagement anniversary! Your lives were bound together the moment you wrapped rings around each other’s fingers.

Happy first engagement anniversary to the most beautiful couple I admire. A wonderful milestone like today’s is indeed a true celebration! Have fun!

Happy Engagement Anniversary! Like two puzzle pieces, you two harmoniously fit together. Wishing you a prosperous and fulfilling future!

Each of you looks so perfect with the other. You two seem like a match made in heaven. Happy engagement to both of you!

Your ‘happily ever after’ love story has just begun. The journey is yet to be filled with more blissful memories. Congratulations!

I believe this is the ideal time to look into each other’s eyes and say “I WANT TO GROW OLD WITH YOU”. Both of you are blessed souls. Happy engagement!

I’ve had the pleasure of becoming acquainted with two beautiful souls who are deeply in love with one another. Wishing you a wonderful engagement!

Together, you deserve each other, at all times, at your best and at your worst. Best wishes to you on this special day!

Each of you is like the different poles of a magnet. Obviously, you can’t move away from each other, but closer! Congratulations on your engagement!

Upon looking at you two, it is easy to see that your love is not meant to fade or fail. I am glad that you are engaged with each other. Congratulations, congratulations, congratulations!

Let’s wish ourselves a happy engagement anniversary! May this wonderful anniversary bring us all the good fortune we deserve.

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Engagement Wishes for Fiance & Fiancee

Engagement Anniversary Wishes For Fiance
Engagement Anniversary Wishes For Fiance

I feel so fortunate to be yours, a privilege I promise to protect. Happy engagement anniversary!

You make me feel welcomed, and I want to be by your side until eternity passes. Happy engagement anniversary, fiance.

By wearing this ring, I show my love for you. Most of my life is spent thinking about you. Happy engagement, my beloved.

Quite simply, you are an angel who has transformed my world into paradise. Looking forward to making you my life partner, officially. Happy engagement!

The ring on my finger is a promise I made to you to remain with you to the end. Wishing you all the best on our engagement, my love.

Engagement Anniversary Wishes For Fiancee
Engagement Anniversary Wishes For Fiancee

You put a smile on my face every time I see you. The magic of this moment is irreplaceable. I love you and I’ve been waiting so long to be yours forever.

Even a thousand years filled with happiness aren’t worth the value of a single day with you. Having you in my life is the most wonderful miracle. Best wishes on our upcoming engagement!

Both of us will cherish the memories of this day for the rest of our lives together. Happy engagement!

Just exchanged rings, feels like our souls exist in harmony now. Happy engagement, soon-to-be spouse! Best wishes for your upcoming marriage, my love!

Having waited so long, we are now getting engaged. Our love doesn’t end there, we will marry each other so our love can reach the heights of heaven together. Happy engagement!

We both shall build a solid bond of love and affection on this day when we exchange rings. Happy engagement!

We are one step closer to seeing our love come to fruition today! Couldn’t wait a moment longer to become your soul mate. Happy engagement!

You are a miniature piece of heaven that I have found on earth, and I absolutely cannot wait to spend my life with you. Happy engagement, darling.

It still amazes me that you chose to spend your life with me. It is you, my love, who completes me. Best wishes for the engagement.

Happy engagement, my best friend forever. Your presence makes me feel at home and everything I wish for is to build our home together.

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Engagement Anniversary Quotes

Engagement Anniversary Quotes
Engagement Anniversary Quotes

Engagement marks the end of a whirlwind romance and beginning of an eternal love story. – Rajeev Ranjan

I choose you, and I’ll choose you. Over and over and over without pause, without a doubt, in a heartbeat, I’ll keep choosing you. – Unknown

May your love for each other always shine brightly! Best wishes on your engagement anniversary! – Unknown

Success in marriage does not come merely through finding the right mate, but through being the right mate. – Barnett R. Brickner

In all the world, there is no heart for me like yours. In all the world, there is no love for you like mine. – Maya Angelou

And I’d choose you; in a hundred lifetimes, in a hundred worlds, in any version of reality, I’d find you, and I’d choose you. – Kiersten White

You don’t marry someone you can live with-you marry the person you cannot live without. – Unknown

Love one another, and you will be happy. It’s as simple and as difficult as that. – Micheal Leunig

The Oriole weds his mottled mate, the Lily weds the bee; Heaven’s marriage ring is round the earth, let me bind thee! – Victorian Card

In the arithmetic of love, one plus one equals everything, and two minus one equals nothing. – Mignon McLaughlin

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