Christian Wedding Wishes Messages for Cards

Sending Christian wedding wishes and messages on the wedding anniversaries is a must to keep up the spirit of Christianity among the couple celebrating their wedding anniversary.

Parents, siblings, relatives, near and dear will send them anniversary wishes on this very day. Here we have selectively gathered Christian wedding wishes and messages to help you choose and send them to the couple on their wedding anniversary to enhance the joy of celebration.

You may write these Christian wedding wishes and messages on wedding cards to add more color to the celebration.

Christian Wedding Wishes for Cards

Christian Wedding Wishes Messages
Christian Wedding Wishes Messages

“May the years ahead be filled with lasting joy.”

“May the love you share today grow stronger as you grow old together.”

“May your joining together bring you more joy than you can imagine.”

“May today be the beginning of a long, happy life together.”

“Wishing you joy, love and happiness on your wedding day and as you begin your new life together.”

“May the love and happiness you feel today shine through the years.”

“Love is all you need… stick with that crap and you’ll do great!”

“God bless you both on this day with a lifetime of shared love and joy.”

“May the One who brought you together bless your marriage, enrich your lives and deepen your love throughout the years.”

” ‘God has poured out His love into our hearts.’ – Romans 5:5

” ‘Love is patient. Love is kind… Love never fails.’ – 1 Corinthians 13:4-13″

I congratulate you on this happy occasion and wish a lot of happy years together!

Family life isn’t easy, so be ready to protect your family happiness. It’s worth it. Congratulations on your wedding!

Nothing can be better than starting your own family. Appreciate and honour it your whole life. Congratulations on the wedding!

I wish you a wonderful life together as you head down the road to married happiness. So happy for you!

With warm congratulations to a very special pair. May you always find in each other the love, laughter and happiness that only partners in life share!

Congratulations on your wedding! May the love for each other find a way to creep into your lives every time you feel the need for it.

Wishing both of you all the best for today and always. May God bless you with all the love and happiness in the world on your life.

Heart full of wishes; hoping the best for you both today and forever; wish you a very happy married life.

You are the most matched couple I ever seen, May God bless you; wish you a very happy and joyful married life.

Your wedding day may come and go, but may your love forever grow. Congratulations to the perfect couple!

Through the storms of life, may your love for one another be steadfast and strong. Wishing you joy and happiness on your wedding day. Congratulations!

Just a note to say how happy we are for you. Wishing you a lifetime of the greatest joy, love, and happiness. Congratulations to a wonderful couple!

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Christian Wedding Messages for Cards

Christian Wedding Wishes Messages
Christian Wedding Wishes Messages

Congratulations on your first big step together. May God send his blessings to you and the family you are about to start.

Best Wishes to the Bride and Groom! May God grant you a happy married life!

As you unite today in marriage as Christians, I wish you both an eternity of love and happiness together. I pray Jesus shine his light upon you.

Love God first and it will be easier to love your spouse second.

We are looking forward to finding out what God has planned for you two..

We are praying that God guides you in your new life together.

Your marriage will be strong because the two of you are strong in your faith.

May god God shower your new lives together with many blessings.

Congratulations on your nuptials. May God bless you with His Love, His Wisdom, and His Guidance.

When two are married, God becomes the bond between them. Let no man separate what God has joined.

Love God first and it will be easier to love your spouse second. Your marriage will be strong because the two of you are strong in your faith

‘God has poured out His love into our hearts.’ – Romans 5:5

Congratulations on this beautiful and lovely occasion! May the God Lord give you a wonderful life together!

Wishing you all the best as you begin your new lives together. God has so many more wonderful things in store for your future together.

“Making the decision to marry in the church under God’s protection and in front of all of us is a big demonstration of love. I hope that your life is the best and may God be your guide to achieve a marriage filled with happiness. Congratulations on your future marriage!”

A tender touch, a warm embrace, May your marriage be blessed by God’s grace!!! Happy wedding!!

Blessed by God is this bond, Of which you two are very fond!!! Happy wedding!!!

May, by God you always be blessed, And in your relation you never feel stressed!!! Happy wedding!!!

May your marriage grow under His shelter, And be away from all the helter-skelter!!! Happy Wedding!!!

May God bless you with all your dreams, And your marriage becomes as good as a silver stream!! Happy wedding!!

May God send angels to always be there for you, This is how I would want to wish a Happy wedding to you!!!

May your marriage be as beautiful as The Garden Of Eden, And may God bless you there, and your relation gets strengthen!! Happy wedding!!

May you be gifted by God’s blessings, And may everything in your marriage have a happy ending!! Happy wedding!!!

May God’s blessings shield your marriage, From every outside thing which would cause roughage!!! Happy wedding!!!

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Christian Wedding Wishes Messages for Cards

Christian Wedding Wishes Messages
Christian Wedding Wishes Messages

A heartfelt congratulations on your wedding day! May your bond last for a lifetime and if it may change, may it change to be better and firmer!

Blessings to the happy couple! May your commitment deepen, your joy increase, and your love grow stronger from this day forward.

This momentous occasion marks the start of your life together. May the journey be a happy one filled with peace and harmony, joy and laughter, and romance and passion. May your enduring love be the crown jewel that ties together all the rest. Best wishes!!

Sharing a dream is life’s most valuable gift; that’s why everyone wishes you a very happy, wonderful life.

Enjoy your time together, and bring on the babies!

Congratulations to you both on finally tying the knot. For better or worse, you’re in this together so you might as well have fun along the way!

Congratulations on finally getting hitched! Here’s to this next chapter in your lives being a long and happy one.

To the bride and groom we all say cheers, wishing happiness for many years. Remember your wedding is not just today, and love each other every step of the way.

The best part about your wedding? The cake! Just joking, it was very emotional to see you share your vows. Congratulations on your wedding!

Congratulations on your wedding day. We wish you every happiness in this new life chapter, and even more joy and love to carry you through all the other chapters in the story of your lives together.

Congratulations to you two on this very special day. We all hope that your wedding day will be everything you have ever wanted and wishing you nothing but the best.

Since the first time, I saw you together; I knew you were meant for each other.

Your union is a blessing, may it be stronger as the days go by.

Final Thoughts:

Whether it is the wedding anniversary of your children, siblings, relatives, God’s presence is a must on every occasion, for he has made until here. Without his grace, nothing could happen in our lives. Hence, on this very occasion, let’s keep up the spirit of Christianity, sending across these wedding wishes and messages for our loved ones.

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