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50+ Belated Happy Birthday Wishes for My Lovely Girlfriend

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Searching for belated birthday wishes to girlfriend? We’ve got you covered. Here, we have gathered a nice collection of belated birthday messages for girlfriend, as well as belated birthday images, captions, photos, statuses, greetings, wishes, and quotes for you.

As humans, we sometimes tend to forget things that matter the most. Everyone forgets things occasionally and recalls them later. Wishing someone a belated birthday is one of them.

These belated birthday wishes are more than just words to simply send to your girlfriend as a temporary gesture, but are truly meant to melt her heart for having forgotten her birthday.

These belated birthday content can be shared on any social media platform to let her know how bad you felt for forgetting her birthday and wishing her now.

Belated Birthday Wishes for Girlfriend

Belated Birthday Wishes Girlfriend
My belated birthday wishes to you, girlfriend
Belated Birthday Wishes Girlfriend

My heart beats for you and my mind thinks of you. Yes, I forgot your birthday this year, but I truly love you. Happy belated birthday girl, please forgive me, won’t you?

As a girlfriend, you’re an absolute blessing. For being understandable and forgiving. Happy late birthday, my love!

Every day is as special as your birthday just as my love for you every single day. So, here’s wishing you a very happy late birthday, dear!

From now on, I promise never to forget your birthday. Today, all I ask for, is your forgiveness. Wishing you a belated happy birthday, my love. I wish you all the best!

It feels like a fantasy when you are by my side. It’s as if I’m in a fantasy world. And while I am in the fantasy, I barely remember that it was your birthday the other day! Please accept my apologies. Happy belated birthday!

I’m sorry I forgot to wish you on your birthday. It is my sincere hope that you would have mercy on me & allow me to compensate you for the loss I have caused you by this. A great birthday gift awaits you!

It’s on purpose that I sent you my birthday wishes so late, just to show that you’re always special to people like me, not just on certain days of the year, as some people think.

Thank you very much for accepting this late birthday wish in the spirit it is intended. Happy birthday! Hope it was as amazing as you are.

Every day you are special, not just on your birthday. Belated Happy Birthday. I hope you had a wonderful birthday!

Wishing you a day as special to you as you are to me. It is late, but my wishes are nevertheless true. I wish you a happy birthday.

Though I didn’t really forget your special day, I did assume you deserved more than one. Belated birthday wishes to you!

Certainly, birthdays are never to be forgotten, but sweet boyfriends like me can be forgiven. Happy birthday, belatedly.

It’s like I’m drowning, gasping for breath. It is heartbreaking to see your pain. I forgot your birthday, so I am to blame. Hope my late greetings will put a smile on your face.

She has every right to be angry with me for forgetting her birthday. Nevertheless, she also has the responsibility to forgive me, if she sees that I am repenting and regretting deeply. Belated happy birthday, dear girlfriend!

Your boyfriend missed your birthday. Could you please forgive him, since he is deeply sorry? A belated happy birthday to you.

Dear girl, I am so sorry. Please pick up my phone, I’m getting a little worried now. In every way, I regret forgetting your birthday. But I know you will forgive me for my forgetfulness and give me a chance to please you. Belated happy birthday, sweetie!

We creative people often forget the most important dates in our lives. But we also know how to atone for our forgetfulness in very special ways. Late happy birthday to the girl who makes my heart dance.

My mind is forgetful, but my heart is big. Shortly put, I may have forgotten your birthday, but my love for you never end. Belated happy birthday, beautiful girl.

Even though I tend to forget things, I am not a jerk. Although I may be late, I am not heartless. Wishing you a belated happy birthday, sweetheart.

Although I could easily blame my work schedule for forgetting your birthday, but I will not. Rather, I wish to express my apologies and my love for you. Belated happy birthday, sweetheart!

Although I forgot your birthday, I want to remind you that it’s pointless to dwell on the past. Couldn’t we rather think about our glorious future, which lies ahead? Belated happy birthday, my love!

Second chances are everywhere, and your boyfriend thinks he should get one, too. I wish you a belated happy birthday, girl.

I will accept a slap, an insult, or a shame on Facebook if you think that is what I deserve. Every punishment is fair to me since I forgot your birthday. Belated happy birthday.

There is no one more beautiful than you. There is nothing as precious as you. Sorry I forgot your birthday, but that doesn’t mean I don’t love you. I wanted to wish you a belated happy birthday.

I just can’t believe, how I forgot your special day. However, now I’ll do whatever it takes to show you exactly how much you mean to me. Wishing you a belated happy birthday girl.

Even though I’m late, I will fill the air with cheer. Even though I am greeting you late, I will make sure you celebrate well.

The longer it goes on, the harder it will be to make you realize how much I regret forgetting your birthday. But in doing so, I hope that I will make your heart sway. Belated happy birthday, girl!

As a master of making blunder, I have forgotten your birthday. Give me a chance, and I can definitely prove that I am also a master at making amends. Happy birthday, belatedly.

Romantic Late Birthday Messages for Girlfriend

Belated Birthday Wishes Girlfriend
Happy late birthday, girlfriend
Belated Birthday Wishes Girlfriend

I cherish you more than anything else. I may have forgotten your birthday this year, but remember my love for you remains the same till I die. Congratulations on your belated birthday, sweetheart!

Although I was sorry to forget your birthday, there is a small part of me that is glad because it just gives me another reason to make you laugh, get you pampered, spoil you, and hug and kiss you till you smile. Belated Happy birthday, girl! Glad you had a great day.

I feel awful for forgetting my girlfriend’s birthday. It’s my last tweet and last post on Facebook. I will remain silent, until my girlfriend gives me a forgiving look. Happy belated birthday, love!

A loving kiss, an affectionate hug, a cuddle, expensive gifts, and a romantic date. What not, I will do everything to keep the spirit of wishing you a late birthday.

What else can I say, I forgot to wish you a happy birthday. Miss, I’m sorry, please let me kiss. Belated happy birthday.

I ask you not to let one date ruin our lovely destiny. I apologize for the late birthday wishes.

The essence of real love lies in exchanging sadness with happiness and in overcoming forgetfulness with forgiveness. Please forgive me, princess, as we share a true love. Happy belated birthday.

Neither my forgetfulness, nor anything in this world can separate us – since I am your lover and you are my sweetheart. Congratulations on your birthday, belatedly.

As a bonus gift, I will give you two kisses and two hugs for being late wishing you a Happy Birthday this year.

Although I can’t turn back time, I’ll do everything I can to prove that you are mine. I love you, belated happy birthday.

Oh, no, I forgot your birthday. Now, please allow me to give you a nice date to show that you are the only one in my life. I’m sorry, let’s cuddle and curl. Congratulations on your birthday, belatedly.

I can imagine, you must be heartbroken when being denied birthday greetings by me on your special day. However, I want you to imagine how happy you will be, to receive the most romantic belated birthday treat from me. I’m sorry, but happy birthday

Birthday greeting cards may be lost in the sands of time. But, my wishes for you have been permanently imprinted on my heart. Belated happy birthday, sweetheart.

Funny Belated Birthday Greetings for Girlfriend

Belated Birthday Wishes Girlfriend
Wishing you a happy belated birthday, girlfriend
Belated Birthday Wishes Girlfriend

This is why I am sending you a belated birthday greeting. To ensure you don’t receive all your birthday wishes on the same day.

Unfortunately, I missed your birthday since I was hunting for the right way to express my birthday wishes for you. Happy belated birthday, girl!

You don’t seem to have changed much since your last birthday. You remain the same, as beautiful and young as last year. That could be the possible reason I forgot your birthday this year? haha!! Happy late birthday, darling!

Although I never forgot your birthday, I felt that my best wishes would stand out more since you wouldn’t be reading everyone else’s. My belated birthday wishes to you!

This birthday message is late, so let’s have another celebration! My gift is you, and your cake is mine.

I will never be able to change the fact that I forgot your birthday- but maybe a pizza will help you forgive me. I hope you had a wonderful birthday.

Please accept my belated birthday greeting without feeling deflated. Hope I won’t be berated- you’ll be elated when you see my gift!

My mistake of forgetting your birthday might have taken the smile off your face, but I hope that this belated card will turn your frown upside down. You’ve been a great friend over the years.

Are you curious about the reason for my late birthday wish? Because I like to be different and outstanding!

Usually, the most important person in the party is the last to arrive. So, please accept the late birthday wishes from this important person wholeheartedly. Belated birthday wishes!

As said – “Best things come to those who have patience to wait”. Here I am sending across the late but the best belated birthday wish. Please accept it with love.

Final Thoughts:

Everyone has friends, no matter if they are school friends, college friends, or family friends. A few dear friends remain in our hearts throughout our lives, regardless of if it is a girl or a boy. Because of their special acknowledgement toward us, they occupy a special place in our lives. Their presence isn’t just in our happy times; they are there in our most challenging times, too. Having such friends these days is rare. Should you by chance forget the birthday of one such girlfriend, it is high time you at least sent her these late birthday wishes to win back her love.

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