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130+ Heart Touching Deep Birthday Messages for Ex-Boyfriend

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Heart Touching Birthday Messages to Ex-boyfriend: You are heartbroken, but it doesn’t mean that you should stay broken for life. It is high time you take your first step toward a new relationship and send your ex boyfriend a heart-touching birthday message. If he has been treating you badly or ignoring you, here are a few best birthday messages for your ex that will remind him of how much you love him. Send him this lovely message and let him feel the love you have for him.

Heart Touching Birthday Messages to Ex-Boyfriend

Birthday Messages For Ex-boyfriend
Ex-boyfriend Birthday Messages
Birthday Messages For Ex-boyfriend

It’s always hard to say goodbye. But it doesn’t mean I want to end our relationship. In fact, I hope I’ll still be here when you get back. Happy birthday, baby.

You broke my heart, but I know that it will heal in time. What I always wish is you find peace and happiness in your life. You are my life, my soul mate, and my one true love. Happy Birthday, Ex.

If there was one thing I’d like to be able to say is that I love you and that I always will. But I can’t. Because I just don’t. I hate this. Happy birthday, dear ex.

It hurts so much to know that you’re just pretending to care about me. You’re just looking for someone to fill the void in your life. You know what you are, and you’re not good for me or anyone. Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to the only person who could make me feel so bad about loving him.

Happy birthday, dear ex-boyfriend. I hope you’ll have a wonderful time celebrating with your girlfriend this year.

It’s been so long since I last saw you, but I don’t think it can ever be the same again. Happy Birthday, my ex boyfriend.

Happy birthday, ex-boyfriend! I’m so sorry about how things ended. I really thought we had a chance. It kills me to think I might never see you again.

Happy birthday, ex-boyfriend. I’ll never understand why you left me in the first place, but I wish someday you’ll be back. 

Just when I think you’ve finally moved on, I’m reminded how much I miss you and wish you well. I love you, forever! Happy birthday, Ex.

The feeling of being your first love is more than enough to be happy for the rest of my life. Happy birthday!

Those sweet memories we had on your birthday always makes me smile; happy birthday, dear.

I am not happy for our friendship did not last long. Don’t know what came in-between – ‘ego or attitude’ whatever it is, I still wish you a very happy!

Even after being your ex, my only wish is to see you happy till my last breath. Happy birthday!

Whatsapp chats, SMS, phone calls…. nothing faded in my memory. Your memories are still fresh in my heart. Happy birthday!

May your life without me in it be more sweet and joyous. Here’s wishing you a very happy birthday!

May the love and care you had for me be shifted to your better half for a better future. Happy birthday!

We fought, we quarrelled, we blocked…. many things happened before we became ex, but you are still my first love, darling. Happy birthday!

I sincerely miss you to the moon and back. Happy birthday, darling!

Maybe we broke our relationship terribly for our ego and self-pride. But you are always in my prayers and wishes. Happy birthday ex-boyfriend

Every year on this very day, we used to celebrate it to the peak. Let’s wish those jolly good days to unite us. Happy birthday!

Maybe I am right; maybe I am wrong. But I am right, for I am your first. Happy birthday, dear ex.

I have dreamed of many good things in life with you. But you aren’t willing to stay in it. My dreams didn’t come true; I pray for your dreams to come true. Happy birthday!

My body, mind, and soul jump in joy whenever I recall those sweet memories I had with you. Happy birthday, ex-boyfriend!

Birthday Wishes for Ex-Boyfriend Emotional

Birthday Messages For Ex-boyfriend
Messages for an ex-boyfriend on his birthday
Birthday Messages For Ex-boyfriend

Happy birthday, ex! You were just too good for me, and now I know why.

Happy Birthday to my one and only ex. I’m glad to hear that your life is going great. Here’s wishing you a splendid day and all the luck in the world.

I love you, but I will never forgive you for what you did to me. If you think this is the end, you are sadly mistaken. Happy birthday, ex.

You were the one person in my life I felt you could never live without me, but I was wrong. Happy birthday, ex.

You broke my heart into a million pieces. But, you’re still the best ex-boyfriend anyone could ask for. Thank you for being there, even when I was wrong. Happy Birthday, buddy.

Happy birthday, ex-boyfriend! I know you’ll be glad to hear I’m still alive.

Happy birthday to the man who broke my heart. I guess I should be happy that you’re getting married, but it still hurts so much.

Happy birthday, my sweet ex. boyfriend. I wish I could be there to celebrate with you, but I’m afraid that I can’t. I hope you know how much I love you.

Happy birthday, ex-boyfriend. You’ve hurt me so much, but I still love you.

I hate you for what you did to me, but I can’t help but wish you a happy birthday.

The care and love I had for you can only be shown through this lovely birthday message. Happy birthday, dear ex.

Even though you cannot be mine anymore, I still wish for your good day in and day out. Happy birthday, ex-boyfriend.

You are the most amazing ex-boyfriend to be with. Happy birthday!

Day by day, month by month, year by year, things change. But those sweet memories we had will never change. Happy birthday, dear ex.

I gave you all the love I had, but heartbreak is the gift you gave me. But on your birthday, I am giving you a gift of forgiveness. Happy birthday, dear ex.

Ex-boyfriends were supposed to be rude, arrogant, annoying, and angry. But weren’t none of them. Happy birthday!

Touching Birthday Greetings for Ex-Boyfriend You Still Love

Birthday Messages For Ex-boyfriend
A Birthday Message for Ex-boyfriend
Birthday Messages For Ex-boyfriend

Happy birthday to the one who broke my heart. You’re still my number one, but I just don’t know how to deal with all this heartache

Happy birthday, ex-boyfriend. You were so perfect in my eyes, and now you’re gone.

You were my first love. You were my first heartbreak. You were the one who taught me how to love. But now you’ve gone, leaving me with nothing but memories. Happy birthday, darling.

I wish I had known that you would be leaving me for another woman. But instead, I just found out you were cheating on me. Happy birthday, sweetie.

I know it’s been years since we broke up, but I still remember the day you told me we were through. I’m so sorry, ex. can’t help wishing you happy birthday!

It’s been a long time since you’ve been in my life. I hope you have a good birthday and that you know you’re still very much loved.

Happy birthday, ex! How can I ever forget you? You are my best friend for life. 

Happy birthday, ex-boyfriend! Though we are no longer together, I hope you know that I will always be here for you.

Happy birthday, dear ex. Even when there is no scope for us to be together, I still want you to be joyful wherever or however, you are.

The feeling of being in a relationship with you is the most terrific after we broke the relation. Can’t survive without you. I love you. Happy birthday, dear ex.

Just like one cannot value something until they lose it. I got to know what I lost after leaving you. Happy birthday!

Thanks a ton for being my only source of happiness till we broke. Happy birthday!

We aren’t lovers anymore, but I always wish we were. Happy birthday, dear ex.

Emotional Birthday Quotes for Ex-Boyfriend

Birthday Messages For Ex-boyfriend
Wishing ex a happy birthday
Birthday Messages For Ex-boyfriend

Our relationship isn’t discontinued; it just changed the name to friendship forever. Happy birthday dear!

Knowingly or unknowingly, I broke your heart and let you down. Now, I seek your forgiveness to let me be your girlfriend sometime in the future. Happy birthday dear ex-boyfriend.

Maybe the distance between us is way too long, but our hearts’ distance will never be long. You are always close to my heart. Happy birthday!

I sincerely apologize for taking you for granted in liking you to hurting you in every possible way. Hope you forgive me and let me be your girlfriend again. Happy birthday!

Just because we both are no more significant other for each other doesn’t mean I don’t keep my promise in loving you and standing by you till my last breath. Happy birthday, dear ex.

I can’t keep you out of my heart because every little piece of my heart is filled with you and your memories. Happy birthday, dear ex. boyfriend. May you celebrate your birthday at the peak.

Even though we no longer talk, chat or meet, I still love you with all my heart. Maybe you are way too far; I still see you as an incredible piece of artwork. I miss you so much. Happy birthday!

Sweet Happy Birthday Messages for Ex-Boyfriend

Birthday Messages For Ex-boyfriend
Ex-boyfriend birthday wishes
Birthday Messages For Ex-boyfriend

Happy birthday to the person who made my life a living hell. Now I know why I never liked you in the first place.

Happy birthday to the man who once loved me. Wishing you find someone else who is more deserving for your love.

Happy Birthday, ex-boyfriend! I’m glad I finally found out what happened to you. I hope you are happy.

Happy birthday, ex-boyfriend. This past year has been rough, but I still think of you every day.

You were the first, and you taught me what it means to love someone who doesn’t deserve it. Happy Birthday, my first love. 

We were never good for each other. You were too smart for me. I was too dumb for you. Good luck with your new relationship. Happy birthday, dear ex.

Happy birthday, ex-boyfriend, now ex-husband. You’ve hurt me a lot in the past, but at least I know that I’ll never get hurt again.

It was nice knowing you. You made a fool out of me. Happy birthday, idiot. 

Sorry, but I’m just glad we never became boyfriend/girlfriend! Happy birthday, bro!

My heart is broken and I know this isn’t a joke. I’ll miss you, ex. Happy birthday!

You broke my heart and now you’re celebrating your birthday? I can’t believe I was so stupid. Happy birthday!

You are the one who taught me what love is; you are also the one who taught me love doesn’t last long. Happy birthday, love!

Maybe our love story has come to an end doesn’t mean I no more love you or regard you. Our relationship all these years gave me enough reasons to wish you a happy birthday and best wishes on this special day.

Maybe, we broke our lasting relationship for future prospects. But what unites us still is our friendship which isn’t going to shrink. Happy birthday, dear ex. boyfriend.

You still have a special place in my heart, for you taught me many good things on how to lead a better life. Here’s wishing you a pleased birthday, celebrate it with all your dear ones. Have a blast!

May we only register our good memories in my memory and fade out all those grudges which let us broke. Happy birthday, dear ex. boyfriend.

You are my hope for life until yesterday; today, you are my ex. boyfriend. Times were good when you were beside me. No worries, I still appreciate you as my true friend. Happy birthday, dear ex.

Long Heart Touching Birthday Messages to Ex-Boyfriend

Birthday Messages For Ex-boyfriend
What to say on your ex-boyfriend’s birthday
Birthday Messages For Ex-boyfriend

Happy birthday to the only person in the world who’s ever loved me enough to break up with me.

You used to be the one I looked up to, but now you’re just someone I’m afraid of. I’ll never forgive you for the things you’ve done to me. Happy birthday!

I’ll be honest with you – I don’t have much good to say about you. But I hope you have a happy birthday anyway.

Happy Birthday, ex. I know you probably don’t remember how wonderful you were but you were the only boy I ever loved.

Wish I could say that it was over between us, but the truth is, it just hasn’t been the same since you dumped me for someone else. I really don’t know how I can ever forgive you, and I hope you’ll never forgive yourself. Happy birthday, Ex.

You were once my best friend, but now you’re just some guy from my past that I don’t even know anymore. You can’t have anything good happen in life if you ruin people’s memories. Anyhow, here’s wishing a happy birthday!

This is the most painful day in my life because you left me all alone. Happy birthday, you selfish bastard!

Happy Birthday, asshole. I hope your life is turning around for the better, but I can’t help but wonder how many times I had to listen to your pathetic excuses about why you didn’t want to be with me…

I’m sorry, but I’m just not ready to forgive you yet. Happy Birthday, ex-boyfriend.

Maybe I am alive, but I am actually dead because you weren’t there anymore for me. Happy birthday

It’s heartbreaking whenever I recall all those sweet memories which I dreamed of becoming your lovely wife. But, in reality, we were and are true friends. I am much excited today to wish you a happy birthday without me in your celebration. Happy birthday, dear ex!

There is no scope that I could forget your birthday, for this day is registered so deeply in my heart which nothing could erase. Here’s wishing you a beautiful birthday celebration with your close ones.

No regrets that our relationship couldn’t stay longer. But I appreciate I met an excellent friend for life. Happy birthday dear ex-boyfriend wishing you lots of happiness, success and love in your life ahead!

It’s happy to know that you have rebuilt your life, and I hope you continue this relationship forever. Please consider me as your friend and accept my birthday wishes. Happy birthday!

Until yesterday I was fortunate to be your girlfriend, but today someone else is. Today, I am lucky to have spent this extended time with you. Happy birthday, dear ex. boyfriend!

Emotional Heart Broken Birthday Messages

Birthday Messages For Ex-boyfriend
Birthday wishes for my ex-boyfriend
Birthday Messages For Ex-boyfriend

What have I done? How could I have been so stupid as to fall for someone who didn’t care about me? Happy birthday, darling.

I can’t believe you did this to me. I thought we had something special. Happy birthday to a wonderful ex-boyfriend who broke my heart!

Happy Birthday to my ex-boyfriend, who never knew how lucky he was to have such an amazing girlfriend.

Happy Birthday, ex-boyfriend. I hope you’re happy with your new girlfriend.

You broke my heart, but I’m glad that I was able to get over it in time. Happy birthday, ex-boyfriend.

Happy Birthday! It’s been a while since you’ve been in my life, but I still remember how good it was.

Happy Birthday, ex! It seems like it’s been forever since we last saw each other. I hope you’re doing well.

Happy birthday to my former boyfriend. I’m sure you are happy as I am no longer in your life.

Happy birthday, you jerk! Wish I could take back all those years of pain and torture you put me through!

Happy Birthday, Ex-Boyfriend. You’re probably going to be my brother-in-law in a few years, so watch out.

One day you will badly miss me, for you ignored a precious diamond in search of stones.

A true lover will never let her girl go no matter how verse the situation is. Your love is just a necessity for time, and there is no room for such a selfish person in my heart.

What goes around comes around like Karma. You have done for me will come to you too someday, wait and watch. BTW happy birthday!

Your memories had left me sleepless for many nights, realizing how bad you treated me at times.

Ups and downs are what life is meant to be. But you were with me only when life was comfortable and left me when I struggled to survive.

Deep Birthday Messages for Ex-Boyfriend

Birthday Messages For Ex-boyfriend
Best Birthday Messages for Your Ex
Birthday Messages For Ex-boyfriend

You’re really not worth the tears I cry, but I would like to wish you a Happy Birthday. Maybe next time you won’t be so mean to me!

Happy birthday, sweetheart! It’s been almost two years since we said good-bye, but I still dream of you.

Happy Birthday, sweetheart! Your relationship with me was beautiful and I can’t help but miss it.

Happy Birthday, my heartache! As you know, you were once the love of my life. I miss you every day.

Happy Birthday, Ex! I know you can’t forget me, but you should at least try.

Happy birthday, ex-boyfriend. You broke up with me and now I just couldn’t see myself with you. 

Happy birthday, asshole. I wish you were here so I could punch you in the face.

Your departure from my life was painful and confusing, but now I can finally move on. Happy Birthday, dear ex-boyfriend.

I wish I could forget about you. But every time I close my eyes, all I see is your face. Happy birthday, sweetheart.

Happy Birthday, my friend. May your heart always be filled with love and memories of our time together.

I was hoping that you’d still be there for me when I got old. But now you’re gone. It’s time for me to move on. Happy birthday, dear ex.

Happy Birthday to the person who broke my heart. Wish you could’ve given me a second chance.

Happy Birthday to the best ex-boyfriend ever! I am so happy that we are still friends and you don’t hate me anymore.

I stood by you every time you needed me. But you left me now when I needed you badly. Happy birthday!

You took away the most significant part of my heart which is filled with much more amazing things now. Thanks for everything. Enjoy your day to the fullest. Happy birthday, dear ex.

Our broken friendship has made me bold without love, emotion, empathy towards any male.

We have overcome every challenge life has thrown at us. I hope you do the same with your life ahead; enjoy your birthday with your dear one and a happy birthday, dear one.

It’s a long time that we broke the relationship, but there is no day no time I didn’t miss you. I love you to the moon and back, even if you respect it or not. Happy birthday!

I value our love so much so that I wish you a happy birthday even after we broke the relationship.

A day will come when you say to yourself; I made a mistake letting this girl go from life. Until then, have a fun, filling year ahead. Happy birthday

Our destiny is different and so is our way of life too and that’s the main reason we couldn’t stay longer together. Happy Birthday!

From dawn to dusk, I spent time with you, and now it’s your memories with me. Happy birthday!

My kind of love for you is very rare because despite all of your shortcomings. I really cherish and love you. Happy birthday, enjoy your special day.

We couldn’t keep our relationship for long. Now you are no more my Romeo, but a good friend for life. Happy birthday

Here’s wishing a very happy birthday from the bottom of my heart. Enjoy your day!

I no more have the privilege to call you “my only one.” But my kind wishes are always with you, especially on your birthday. Happy birthday, dear ex.

Saying I love you to being said I loved him has a significant difference. You made the second phrase happen with me. Happy birthday dear ex-boyfriend.

How on earth could I ever forget to acknowledge you on your birthday. For it reminds me of your love, kind, and tender heart. Happy birthday dear ex-boyfriend!

Absolutely nothing can remove you from my heart. Not this breakup nor any barrier either. Happy birthday dear ex-boyfriend!

Until I die, today is the day I’ll never forget because it reminds me of you, the love and mischiefs we did. Happy birthday dear ex. boyfriend

Don’t be shocked if I tell you I still love you because my love surpasses the breakup and beyond. Happy birthday!

Like Sun and Moon, my love for you is forever the same despite our break up. Happy birthday dear ex-boyfriend!

If we could ever meet in life, it would be when we both are at joy and peace, which is an open offer of friendship and reconciliation. Happy birthday dear ex-boyfriend!

Even though I let you go, your birthday still matters to me, for a fantastic man was born unto us. Happy birthday dear ex-boyfriend. May you enjoy every day like today.

Wrapping it up:

What are your thoughts on these heart touching birthday messages to your ex boyfriend? Do you think the author is being too hard on herself? Why or why not? What would you say if you were the ex boyfriend? Please share your thoughts in the comments below.

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