Happy Birthday Wishes for Mother

Imagine how incomplete and dull our lives would be without mothers. They are someone from whom we all have come. They are the perfect image of selfless behaviour. No matter what we do, it will always be less than what our mothers do for us. We owe a lot to them. However, you can make their birthday a memorable and special with this lovely collection of birthday wishes. These wishes are best to show your love to your mother. So, do not skip sending these birthday wishes to your mother.

happy birthday wishes for mother
happy birthday wishes for mother

To the woman who brought me into this world, a very happy birthday. From from dawn to dusk, you look after the needs of the whole family. Thanks for everything mom. Now, let’s make your birthday as incredible as you are!

Mother, the word does not need any explanation. Throughout the year, you look after the whole family. Today being your birthday, I want you to just relax and enjoy. Happy birthday, dearest mom. Get yourself prepared for the amazing surprises!

A home is incomplete without the mother’s love. Sometimes, I wonder how come you manage to keep all of us happy. You complete us. You are a superwoman, mother. Happy birthday. Let us have a superb birthday celebration!

Happy birthday mom. The words can’t ever be enough to describe your greatness. Thank you for all your love, support, advice and words of wisdom. What all you have done for me is highly appreciated. Wishing you an amazing birthday celebration!

You are undoubtedly the most important person in my life. To me, you are courage, hope and a role model. I am extremely lucky to be your child. Happy birthday, stay young and fantastic mom!

To an amazing lady, thank you for making me what I am today. Thank you for never giving up on me. Thank you for showing me the right direction. Thank you for being you, mom. Wishing you a very delightful birthday!

Being a mother is not an easy job. It requires selflessness and so much of patience. And, you have proved to be perfect at this job. Happy birthday, you are the world’s perfect mom and woman. I wish you endless happiness!

Happy Birthday Wishes for Mom from Daughter

Dear mom, you have the purest heart. You are the kind of woman I want to become when I grow up. Thank you for telling me about the importance of being selfless. Happy birthday, I wish you happiness and strength!

To me, you are the symbol of kindness. I am so fortunate to have a mother like you. You are a little less of a mother and a lot more of a friend to me. Happy birthday, you are the strongest!

In a world full of selfish hearts, a mother’s heart is the most selfless. You add so much happiness and meaning to my life. I wish you a very happy birthday. May your day go as fabulous as you are!

As a daughter, having you as my mother is the most I could ever ask for. You inspire me in a lot many ways. I wish to learn more from you. Happiest birthday to my constant source of joy.

At times, we may argue but that does not mean I don’t love you. To me, you are the most special. On your big day, I pray for your forever well-being. Happy birthday and get ready to cut your favourite cake!

Mom, I was so sensitive during my teen years. But, you have handled the situation so calmly and supported me throughout. I am sorry for making you bear my unbearable behaviour. Happy birthday and stay as amazing as you are!

If someone was to be given the title of best mom ever, then it would be YOU. Thank you for tolerating a stubborn daughter like me. Wishing you a fantastic birthday. Have a great birthday celebration with us!

Happy Birthday Wishes for Mom from Son

To my loving mom, my life would have been so off track without you and your guidance. Thank you for always encouraging me on my gloomy days. Wishing you a very happy birthday. May you get the greatest of everything!

Mom, words can’t ever do justice to your importance in my life. You are truly a godsend to my life. What all I have today is just because of you. Happy birthday, you are so very precious to me. I love you!

No son can ever get as lucky as I am to have a wonderful mother like you. Thank you for your selfless love, endless care and constant support. I promise to keep you happy always. Happy birthday, beautiful woman!

Mom, are you a magician? Because when I hug you, all my wounds get healed. You have always tried to put a smile on my face. On your birthday, I wish you an amazing life filled with joy and laughter. Happy birthday!

I remember being a naughty son throughout my childhood. And when I hit my teenage, I was terrible to understand. But, the way you understood me was remarkable. Happy birthday, mom. May you live a healthy and long life!

To an amazing mother, a very happy birthday. You have always been my ideal. The success that I have achieved today is just because of your constant faith in me. May your birthday be as cheerful as you are!

If I could be even 10% of what you are, I would have been the happiest person. You overloaded me with strength when I am the weakest. You filled my heart with love when all I have was hatred. Happy birthday!

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Whether you are a daughter or a son, these happy birthday wishes are perfect for your mother. If you want to bring a smile on your mother’s face, consider sending these birthday wishes to her.

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