Good Morning Baby…..I Miss You Quotes

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Good Morning Baby… I Miss You Quotes!!! Are you looking for good morning quotes to share for your baby, whom you love the most? If yes, then you have landed on a perfect web page. As here, we have composed a dedicated post around good morning. I miss you, and good morning, I love quotes to share with your girlfriend.

Good Morning Baby…I Miss You Quotes

good morning baby, I miss you quotes
good morning baby, I miss you quotes

The most terrible thing about missing you is that I miss you more when I try to stop missing you. I miss you, darling.

I hate the distance between us. I want to hug you, but I cannot. It’s killing me. I love you and miss you terribly. I hope soon we’ll be together. Good Morning!

Good Morning baby. Drowning in your love… is a death more beautiful than a life without it. I miss you.

Even if I spend the whole day with you, I will miss you the second you leave. Good Morning!

I am missing that sweet hug you give me every time you see me. I want to be with you right now. I miss you so much.

My heart is connected to your heart with unbreakable threads, and when I miss you, I am overwhelmed with sadness. Come soon. The days without you are torture for me. I miss you.

Our meetings in my dreams are wonderful, but I can’t wait for the day that I embrace you in my arms. I love you, I miss you, I need you. Good Morning!

Every morning, I miss you so much that I can’t start my day without sending you a “miss you” message. Good Morning!

A night sky without the moon or the stars is how blank I feel when you are far. I miss you.

I miss you a little too much, a little too often, and a little more each and every day. Good Morning baby!

There is nothing more painful than being ignored by you. Please come to me and give me your tight hug. I miss you so much. Good Morning!

With your arms around me, it feels like home, and I’m so homesick right now. I miss you, my love!

Please don’t say goodbye. A moment without you makes me feel I am dead. You are all I need. I’m missing you. Good Morning.

good morning baby, I miss you quotes
baby i miss you good morning quotes

I have been diagnosed with the deadly I Miss You Syndrome. I suffer from a permanent and irreversible disability of Missing You all the time. I miss you, sweetheart.

I miss you because we’re apart, but I am happy that I feel your warmth inside me because we’re close in heart. Good Morning Baby!

Just like plants need water to be alive, I need you to be alive. I am missing you. Good Morning!

Staying away from you is like freezing my breath. I miss you.

Do you know why it is raining today? Because my heart weeps with longing for you. I miss you more than you can imagine! Good Morning Baby!

You may be out of sight, but you are never out of my mind. Good Morning, I miss you, baby!

I keep myself busy to stop missing you, but when I pause, you are the first thought which strikes me. I miss you. Good Morning!

I want to hold your hand, hold you close, hug you tightly, kiss you softly, and let you rest your head on my chest so that you can hear my heartbeat say… just for you. I miss you. Good Morning!

Your kisses and your hugs mean the world to me. I miss you; good morning, baby.

Sometimes I think that I love you, and other times I think that I hate you. But there is not a single day that goes by where I don’t miss you. Good Morning baby!

good morning baby, I miss you quotes
quotes on good morning baby i miss you

I can imagine the sea without water, the sky without stars, but I can’t imagine me without you. I miss you, baby. Good Morning!

Good Morning baby, I miss you so much. I am suffering every minute that you are not here beside me, my love.

When I close my eyes, I see you. When I open my eyes, I miss you.

Thinking of you every second, minute, hour, day is medication to my illness of missing you. Good Morning baby!

Today I woke up with a pain in my heart. I did not know where it came from until my mind reminded me that it is a pain of missing you. Good Morning!

I wish I were kissing you instead of missing you. Good Morning baby!

When I say I miss you, it actually means that I need to kiss you, hug you and cuddle with you to wipe all my sorrows away. Good Morning baby.

No matter what I say and what I do, there is not a single moment when I don’t think of you. I miss you. Good Morning!

You may not always be here at my side, but you are always right here in my heart. I miss you. Good Morning!

I miss you, and everything I can dream of is to hug you tight and never let you go. Good Morning baby!

Being in love with you makes me feel special and lucky. Missing you puts my heart in pain and misery, and I can not do a single thing unless texting you. I just want to let you know how much I miss you.

I love hugging you, but I hate letting go. I love saying hello, but I hate saying goodbye. I love watching you come towards me, but I hate watching you walk away. I miss you.

A fish without fins, a bird without wings. A crab without claws, a cat without paws. Me without you, you without me. I miss you.

good morning my love i miss you quotes

Today, the sun shines brighter, the winds blow breezy, the birds sing merry, all to say how much I miss you. Good Morning!

I want to hold your hand, hold you close, hug you tightly, kiss you softly, and let you rest your head on my chest so that you can hear my heartbeat… just for you. I miss you.

Nights have become sleepless, and days have become sleepy since you have gone away. I miss you.

Our beautiful memories will never fade away, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t create more… I miss you.

I miss the touch of your hand in mine.

I miss the softness of your cheek when I touch your face.

I’m so disappointed I have to work late today. I miss you so much.

I’m stuck at work late. I would love it if you could drop by. I could sneak you in for a make-out. 🙂

Hey sleepyhead, time to wake up. Time to brush your teeth. Sip some coffee, eat some bread. So I can give you my morning kiss!

I can’t sip a coffee with you. I can’t have breakfast with you, but I am with you by heart, And I am always thinking about you. Good Morning, baby!

I wish I could wrap my arms around you and hug you tightly, so you can feel the loud thumps of my lonely heart. I miss you.

It’s like suffocating when we are apart. I can’t breathe. I miss you. Good morning, baby!

Good morning …. I just wanted you to know how much I truly do care. You’re always in my thoughts. I miss you..

Someone to hug, someone to kiss. Someone to talk to, someone to caress. Someone to make me smile, someone to make me laugh. Someone to love, someone to make me feel complete. YOU are the only person who can fill the shoes of all these SOMEONEs. I miss you.

Good Morning Baby… I Love You Quotes

good morning baby, I miss you quotes
good morning i love you i miss you quotes

Being in love with you makes every morning worth getting up for… Good Morning, Sweetheart!

Every minute spent with you is a minute well spent. Good Morning.

Just wanted to say good morning to one of the person that means the world to me.

You were the first thing to come to my mind as I woke up this morning.

Hello my beautiful, Good Morning and as always I’m thinking of you.

Good Morning sweetheart and have a Good Day!

Words just aren’t enough to tell you how special you are to me. I love you. Good Morning baby.

Every morning reminds me of all the wrong dreams I had been chasing all my life until I found the right one – YOU. Good morning.

I must be the luckiest guy alive because every day I see the same girl who I saw in my dreams the previous night. Good morning.

I love you in the morning, in the middle of the day, in the hours we are together, and the hours we are apart. Good morning love!

A smile to start your day… A prayer to bless your way… A song to lighten your burden … A message to wish you good day … Good Morning!

I may not be able to whisper sweet nothings into your ear at night, but I can type them to you in the morning! I love you.

Just wanted to say good morning to one of the person that means the world to me.

I don’t need paradise because I found you. I don’t need dreams because I already have you.

You are the last thought in my mind before I drift off to sleep and the first thought when I wake up each morning.

I got up to watch the sun rise this morning. It reminds me of your smile, and I can never get enough of your smile.

I know today may be difficult to get through. If it would help to have my love wrapped around you this morning, consider yourself wrapped.

Some days you just have to create your own sunshine. Good morning!

I got up this morning with you in my thoughts. Come to think of it, I went to bed last night the same way. Hey, at least I’m consistent. Have a great day!

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