Birthday Return Gifts for Kids Under Rupees 100

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Best Value
Modelling Clay Pack

  • High Quality Smooth Clay
  • Never Dries, Never Hardens
  • Enhances Child’s Creativity
Premium Pack
Apsara Stationary Kit

  • Combo Set of 22 items
  • Pencils, Sharpeners, Erasers
  • Colour pencil set
Editors Choice
Color Pencil Set for Kids

  • 12 Different Colours
  • Enhances Child’s Creativity and Imagination
  • Non-toxic and break resistant

Best Birthday Return Gifts for Kids Under Rupees 100

Kids’ birthdays are the perfect occasion for parents to express their love for their kids. And to let their closest friends and family members, know the amount of love and care they have for their little ones. Is your little one’s birthday coming up and are you thinking about making your little one’s birthday extra special by offering a special return birthday gift for kids who attended the birthday party under rupees 100 but are not sure what to buy. We are here for your help. Please see our recommendations on birthday returns gifts for kids below.

Colour Pencil Set – Pack of 12 Bright and Strong Pencil Colours, Non Toxic Colouring Range, Safe for kids

Birthday return gifts for kids
Birthday return gifts under 100 rupees for kids

Color pencil sets are an excellent birthday return gift for kids. This pencil set comes with 12 colours that will stimulate the imagination and creativity of the child. 3d shading can also be done with them. Kids find them to be very comfortable since they are soft and smooth. Furthermore, they are said to be unbreakable, meaning they are strong enough for children. With around 2939 reviews, 52 answered questions and 4.5 positive ratings this is the best choice to go with.

Transport Puzzle – Fire Engine, Yacht, and Tractor.

Birthday return gifts for kids
100 rupees birthday return gifts for kids

Kids will have a blast playing the travel puzzle game. It is their most wished-for game. This would certainly be a cherished gift if you offered it to them as a birthday return gift. The game includes three kinds of transport: yacht, fire engine, and a tractor. Each mode of transportation has its own unique element of fun. The three transport vehicles – a yacht, a fire engine, and a tractor – are cut out to form the puzzle. In order for the kid to figure out what fits where, a bold outline is drawn for each vehicle on the surface. Parental guidance is initially needed for a kid to understand the game. Thus, it adds a great deal of fun to the kid’s activities as they learn to place the shapes by trial and error.

Copy Colour Fruit Book – Exhibits Creative Side and Develops Artistic Skills

Birthday return gifts for kids
Kids birthday return gifts below 100 rupees

“Copy colour fruit book” is another good choice to offer as birthday return gift for kids. Children are naturally creative, so to offer them a product that would allow them to mimic the colors of fruit would be nothing short of a miracle. With over 1611 reviews and 4.5 positive ratings ensures that you won’t be disappointed.

Measuring Scale – Smily Fold Up Ruler Blue Handy 15cm fold up for Kids

Birthday return gifts for kids
Children’s birthday gifts under rupees 100

A fold-up ruler is an excellent birthday return gift for kids as it is a tool which they use on a regular basis as they study. Kids will attain a great deal of satisfaction, if offered as birthday return gift. 15 cm in length when folded and 30 cm when open. It is an essential measuring aid for a kids’ pencil pouch since it’s easy to carry around and fits in any pouch. Don’t overlook this return gift to kids because it is a useful tool that they can use on a regular basis, and their parents will undeniably appreciate it as well.

Water Puzzle – Frog, Tortoise, and Fish

Birthday return gifts for kids
Cheap birthday return gifts for children under 100 rupees

Children enjoy playing water puzzles as much as they enjoy playing in the water. Water puzzle games are also an excellent choice for birthday return gift for kids. In this puzzle, kids need to arrange cut-out pieces of water animals inside their respective outline border shapes. They enjoy assembling the cut-out pieces with trial and error. Parental guidance is the first step to a child’s participation in this activity. Based on 4174 reviews and 4.5 star rating for this puzzle, this gift is sure to stand out among many traditional birthday return gifts.

Apsara Stationary Kit – Combo Set of 22 items

Birthday return gifts for kids
Best return gifts to give kids on birthdays under Rs 100

Do you have a school-going child. Then you cannot deny the importance of this gift because it is essential for all pupils in schools. That undeniable gift for kids is “Stationary kit”. This stationary kit consists of Apsara Platinum pencils – 10 pieces, Apsara long point sharpener – 3 pieces, Apsara tidy 700 sharpener – 1 piece, Apsara Rub-a-long eraser – 5 pieces, Apsara non dust jumbo eraser – 1 piece, Apsara 15 cm deluxe scale – 1 piece, Apsara 12 shades wax crayons – 1 set. Known for its quality and durability, the Apsara brand is a favorite choice for many parents and kids. Having said that, it also has 3918 reviews and 4.5 stars. Therefore, neither kids nor you will be disappointed with this product when offered as a birthday return gift.

Fun Glitter Gel Pen – Pack of 10 Multicolour Sparkle Ink Pens

Birthday return gifts for kids
Gifts for kids under rupees 100 for birthday returns

Fun glitter gel pens make the perfect birthday return gifts for kids who love to draw and paint. This gift set includes 10 different colour glitter gel pens that can be used to add an extra layer of creativity to kids’ drawings or paintings. With an average rating of 4.5 stars and 3298 reviews make this a seriously cool birthday return gift for kids.

Drawing Book for Kids – 34 Sheets White Blank Unruled Pages Ideal for Sketching, Colouring, and Painting

Birthday return gifts for kids
Children’s birthday return gifts under Rs 100

When your child and his / her friends are interested in drawing, then you may not want to deny them this eco-friendly plain drawing book. The book includes 34 A4 size softbound pages in a high quality white color, provisionally indexed to help kids enter their work details. They are ideal for painting, sketching, and coloring. Obviously, this birthday return gift is welcomed not just by your kids’ friends, but also by their parents.

On Road Puzzle – Scooter, Car, and Bus.

Birthday return gifts for kids
Kids’ birthday return gifts

For kids, On Road puzzle is the most fascinating educational activity. Road transportation must have been the first mode of transportation they’d encountered as they grew up. This is probably why such a great deal of interest is shown in this game. The aim of this puzzle is to arrange cut-out pieces of vehicles commonly found on roads, such as Scooter, Car, and Bus, within their respective outline border shapes. It is very exciting for them, because they see these vehicles in real life everyday when their parents or neighbours drive them. They become even more joyous when they adhere the cut-out pieces into their proper positions by trial and error. Parental guidance is a must for children to take part in this activity. Furthermore, the fact that it has received 4174 reviews and 4.5 stars makes it an ideal birthday return gift for kids.

Fancy Pencil Shaped Pouch – Multicolor Spider Man Pencil Pouch for Boys and Girls

Birthday return gifts for kids
Return gifts for birthdays for kids

The pencil pouch has become one of the most essential items for kids these days. Hence, giving this fancy spider man pencil shape pouch would make a great birthday return gift for kids. Unique to its kind, this pouch has a circular zipper opening on the top for inserting stationary. Since it is a brand new product, one must try to ascertain how durable and standard it is.

Jumbo Colouring Book with 80 Big Pages

Birthday return gifts for kids
The best birthday return gifts for kids

In these modern times, one of the most effective and efficient ways to engage kids indoors is to give them a drawing book with color pencils to reproduce paintings of fruits, vehicles, flowers, etc. Fortunately, here’s a jumbo colouring book for kids with 80 pages of fun. It is packed with almost everything a child needs to know, including fruits, vegetables, wild and domestic animals, community helpers, home appliances, and so on. It is certainly one of the best choices to offer as a birthday return gift for kids. One of the very best selling and top rated books amongst many coloring books for kids. Both parents and children would find this appealing.

Modelling Creative Clay Pack Multicolour

Birthday return gifts for kids
Returning birthday gifts for kids

Clay is another excellent activity for keeping kids engaged indoors. The following clay pack is ideal for achieving this. It comes with 5 different colours of clay that helps kids experiment and create different shapes, as well as have fun. Since it is oily, it never dries and never hardens. It is one of the best gift choices to offer as a birthday return gift to kids. With over 507 reviews and a 4 star rating makes this a top pick for moms and kids.

Ball Dropping Puzzle Game with Magnet Stick

Birthday return gifts for kids
Return gifts for kids on birthdays

This activity is relatively unknown to many kids. Let them know about it in the form of a birthday return gift, and they’ll cherish it for sure. There are tiny steel balls inside a glass casing with holes to drop them in this drop puzzle game. Additionally, a magnetic stick is available for picking up and dropping the steel balls scattered throughout the closed glass case. The game captures the attention of anyone with its unique play style. Thus, gifting this will certainly add a great deal of satisfaction to both you and the recipient. Furthermore, it has a 4 star rating with 45 reviews so far and counting.

Final Thoughts:

Creating a beautiful birthday memory that will last a lifetime for your little one is your top priority. As well as receiving birthday gifts, giving birthday return gifts to children who attended the birthday party is a great gesture. Children are innocent by nature, so whatever is offered, they will accept with open hearts and cherish the birthday return gift as long as it lasts. Seeing someone happy on your little one’s birthday is the greatest joy of all.

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