Birthday Gift Ideas for 3 Year Old Kids Under Rupees 500

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Best Value
Hawkins Miniature Toy Cooker

  • Real Mimic Toy Cooker
  • Parental Guidance is advised
  • Add great look to Kitchen play set
Premium Pack
LCD Writing Tablet 8.5Inch E-Note Pad

  • Modern Slate
  • Pressure-sensitive screen
  • Helps write and erase with ease
Editors Choice
Happy Birthday Balloons Decoration Kit 31 Pcs

  • 31 Pcs Combo with Helium Letters
  • Foil Balloon Banner
  • Latex Metallic Balloons

Shopping online for birthday gifts for a kid who is 3 years old? We’ve got you covered. Within this blog post, we have compiled a list of best-selling positive rating products for the little ones after conducting extensive research to help you choose the best.

Birthday of a 3 year old is very special for both parents as well as the children’s friends, since this is the age when the child begins to recognize familiar faces. Be it an extended family member or a close friend. Thus, everyone wants to make a positive impression on a child by giving a gift that would last a long time while keeping the child engaged and excited.

Funskool-Fundough Fun Pack, Multi Colour

3 year old birthday gift ideas

Fundoh Clay toys are a perfect choice for 3 year old children. As known clay toys offer almost unlimited possibilities. With clay, there are no limitations to a child’s creativity and imagination, providing perfect fun-filled time while boosting confidence and allowing the imagination to run wild. This pack consists of 12 pieces of fundoh clay with one oz tub. Finally, with over 5851 reviews and 4.2 ratings, you can’t possibly go wrong if you bought it for your child’s birthday.

SUPER TOY LCD Writing Tablet 8.5Inch E-Note Pad

Birthday present ideas for kids aged 3

An LCD writing tablet is a modern version of the traditional slate. As with a regular slate, they can write anything on it thanks to its pressure sensitive screen that makes writing and drawing easier. Equipped with a pen specifically designed for it, as well as an eraser, makes it easy for the child to erase everything with the touch of a button. With its 8.5-inch light weight and ultra thin design it is a great slate for home, school, and travel use. With all its unique features, 5101 reviews, and 4 star rating makes it a great stocking stuffer to gift to your little one on their birthday, while helping them learn and have fun at the same time.

Toyshine 120 pcs 12 Color Wooden Dominos Blocks Set, Kids Game Educational Play Toy, Domino Racing Toy Game

The Best Birthday Gifts for Children Age 3

Having this toy is a necessary thing in the growth of every child, funny and interesting for the little one. It allows the child to develop their natural hand-eye coordination and imagination while creating various patterns. Furthermore, building blocks will be a great way for parents and children to interact together, enhancing parent-child communication and creating a wonderful memory. As the child constructs the model, he/she is exposed to a variety of colors, masters the structure of space, and develops their creative thinking skills. Not only that, but because it is made of natural wood, it is durable and wear-resistant. Lastly, and perhaps most concerning for parents regarding child safety while playing, are these blocks safe? All blocks are painted with non-toxic and odourless water paints, making them safe and harmless to children. Not to mention it also has 3663 reviews and 4.1 ratings, so it’s an undeniable educational play for your child.

Happy Birthday Balloons Decoration Kit 31 Pcs Combo with Helium Letters Foil Balloon Banner, Latex Metallic Balloons

Three-Year-Old Gift Ideas

A birthday party would not be complete without a happy birthday banner and colorful balloons. Be it a little one or a young adult, this would make a great birthday gift for whomever is planning a birthday celebration. There are 31 pieces in this combo set, including a helium letter, a foil balloon banner, and a latex metallic balloon. Not to mention, it also has 19308 reviews and a perfect 4 star rating, which makes it a totally unique and much appreciated gift you can offer your loved ones.

Happy House Building Blocks Toys for Kids with Attractive Windows and Smooth Rounded Edges (72 Blocks + 35 Windows)

Gifts for 3 year old kids

Children develop unique curiosity and imagination as a natural process of growing up. Parents at this stage should carefully select building block toys based on their child’s age. Among the best early education toys, building blocks are the best for training children’s intelligence. So, you may not wish to overlook thinking about this series of happy home building blocks toys. This pack includes 72 blocks plus 35 window pieces made of high quality plastic, non-toxic, with smoothed edges to ensure complete safety. To build a block, a child must first decide what they will construct and then proceed. To ensure ongoing interest, parental guidance at the beginning of the activity is very important. With 387 reviews and a 4 star rating, you can’t go wrong choosing this gift for your little one.

Educational Alphabetical Letters Games & Puzzle, 90 Pieces, Multi colour

Birthday Gift Ideas for Three Year Olds

Kids will have a great time when accompanied by an elder who will encourage them to play this educational puzzle game of letters. It comes with 90 pieces of different alphabets, which a child must rearrange in order to make a word. With these 90 multicolored pieces, over 30 different words can be formed. Kids will enjoy solving this puzzle. Having around 7016 reviews and 4.5 ratings, it would be a great gift to buy for your little one for their birthday.

Birthday Decoration Items Kit – 10 Pcs Banner Confetti Balloon with String Fairy Led Lights

Decorative Birthday Gift Ideas

When you can’t decide what to give the person who has everything, why not consider a birthday decoration kit. In general, birthday decoration kits are not missed by the receiver for when they receive it well before the birthday, it makes a huge impact on the recipient. Hence, you can make a lasting impression by gifting this. With this package, you will receive 10 pcs birthday banner confetti balloons and a 9 meter string fairy led lights. Over 1065 reviews and a 4.5 rating make this gift absolutely impossible to ignore.

Handy Air Balloon Pumps for Foil Balloons and Inflatable Toys Party Accessory (Pack of 1; Multicolour)

Birthday helping tool gift ideas

Personalized balloons are a great way to make the birthday celebration look grand. That is why those birthday balloons cannot be ignored, but how about blowing air into them? This is when balloon inflator pumps are needed for blowing air into foil balloons and inflatable toys for the party without worrying about them deflating. A gift like this could leave a lasting impression on the recipient, for it is important to blow air into the balloons not just one year but every year on their birthday. As a result, it will definitely make an everlasting impression on the recipient. One simply cannot overlook a gift with over 4523 reviews and 3.7 ratings.

Kids’ Play Makeup Beauty Set for Girls, Pink

Toy Makeup kit gift ideas for birthday

Play makeup beauty set for girls is certainly one of the best birthday gifts they will cherish. Play makeup set for kids consists of a variety of tit-bits. It contains a hair dryer, comb, mirror, lipstick, earrings, shadow colors, and other accessories for your little one. Gift them the wow factor with this awesome undeniable play makeup beauty set for their birthday. Gifting this to your little one won’t go wrong as it has more than 5578 reviews and 3.7 ratings.

Magnetic Shapes Puzzles Toys – Pack of 23 Pieces | Educational Foam Toy for Unlimited Imaginative Fun & Play

Educational birthday gift ideas

Toy puzzles are always considered to be a great source of fun and entertainment because they engage the child 100% when they understand the theme and how to solve the puzzle. This magnetic puzzle shapes are just as good as any other puzzle toys out there. Creating shapes and patterns in and out of them is entertaining and exciting. This pack comes with 23 pieces of magnetic shapes namely 2 squares, – 2 rectangles, – 5 trapeziums (of 3 different sizes), – 1 star, – 2 semi-circles, – 2 circles, – 2 ovals, – 7 triangles (of 3 different sizes – equilateral, right angle) and worksheets to match & arrange shapes to solve puzzles given in them. Magnetic puzzles are a must if you want your child to be fully engaged. Of course, this requires parental guidance in the beginning. Having 1820 reviews and 4.2 ratings, this is a perfect engagement to consider for a kid who is super active.

Kitchen Play set – Hawkins Miniature Toy Cooker

Real mimic kitchen play set gift ideas

Kitchen play sets have always been a favorite spot for kids to have fun. They seem to enjoy greatly cooking and serving on those toy kitchen sets. It is therefore a great idea to gift a play set of a kitchen to the little one. Among many different kitchen playset toys, the hawkins miniature toy cooker looks great. Children must always be supervised using this toy as it appears to mimic a real cooker, so they may mistakenly set it on fire. Lastly, with more than 5305 reviews and 4.2 ratings, this is one of the top kitchen toy gift ideas you cannot ignore.

Rubix Cube 3×3 Stickerless Magic Speed Puzzle

Educational birthday gift ideas

A Rubix cube is a nightmare to solve without proper guidance. Once mastered, he/she will enjoy it every single time they see it. Gifting this to the one who doesn’t know how to solve may initially be frustrating, but will have a lasting impression once the recipient understands how to solve it. Hence, don’t hesitate to gift it to your loved ones. Initially, they may not show any interest in it, but as they slowly and steadily learns to solve it, they will always enjoy it. Last but not least, with around 7898 reviews and 4.5 rating, you are sure to win the appreciation of the recipient.

Construction Vehicles Pull Back Toy Playset,Truck Model Kit – 10 Pieces

Construction birthday gift ideas

Children always like gifts that are close to mimicking the real thing. They prefer them to other toys. As a result, gifting them real mimic toys is a great idea. One such vehicle is the truck-mounted pull-back construction truck. It is sure to catch the attention of the kids. There are 10 different mini engineering multicolor construction toys included in this pack. Kids will enjoy their time with them. As the vehicles are made from non-toxic plastic and rubber tires with no sharp edges, they are completely safe for children. Lastly, with over 2304 reviews and a 4 star rating, this is a good choice for gifts. Hence, you will not regret gifting this terrific toy to your child for their birthday.

78 Piece Alphabet Matching Puzzle to learn alphabets in 7 Different Ways

Early education birthday gift ideas

Alphabets are among the earliest academic concepts that young children learn. The job of teaching them alphabets is very challenging since their concentration span is very small. Therefore, teachers and parents would teach those tiny tots through an activity. Below is an alphabets matching puzzle which may be helpful to them. This puzzle set contains 78 large pieces, namely 26 alphabets with 3 word cards, making it an excellent method of learning letters and word recognition. By putting the three pieces together, the puzzle is complete. As they are made with strong cardboard, they are meant to last forever. Having received roughly 1632 ratings and reviews, this is one of the top alphabet matching puzzles for preschoolers.

Fun Filled Business Game with Plastic Money Coins to Learn Buying Selling and Trading for Kids

Currency birthday gift ideas

Fun business games are very popular among kids who are exposed to currencies by their families, relatives, friends, near and dear. Toy business games would be a really fun way to get them to understand more about how to buy and sell. This toy game primarily has a Business game along with Snake & ladders, Ludo, Car Rally, Cricket. It also includes a four-color peg, two dice, plastic currency, property cards, a playing introduction, and playing house & hotel pegs. Although it might seem overwhelming to children when they see it without knowledge, once they learn how to play, they’ll surely enjoy it. Lastly, based on the 1265 reviews and 4.3 rating, this is a great gift choice for kids who enjoy playing business games.

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Final Thoughts:

When you gift this little one with an exceptional trending and most liked toy on their birthday, you will surely make a lasting impression on them. Hope our list above has given you an idea of the kind of gifts are popular and highly rated, and help you choose the ideal one.

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